Next generation FDIC insured cash sweep platform

In the emerging digital era, the ability to adapt is essential. InterLINK enables brokerage firms to stay ahead in a world being disrupted by technological change.

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Focused exclusively on creating bespoke and flexible insured cash sweep programs

Technology has opened the door to many new entrants seeking to win a share of retail cash balances and traditional brokerage businesses must be able to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape.


Our strategy is to provide brokerage companies with solutions tailored to each company’s specifications and to alter any program to adapt to changing customer behavior.


We elected to completely redesign our software and are not burdened with legacy systems that limits larger providers’ abilities to offer bespoke solutions.


Cash sweep programs are an important source of revenue for brokers and our goal is to enhance the longevity and profitability of your client relationships.

Totally flexible sweep platform

While other sweep providers view the service as a commodity, we do not.

Our experienced team is dedicated to developing sweep solutions that suit your company’s strategy and the InterLINK platform gives you the flexibility to change your strategy in the future.

InterLINK enables brokerage companies to seamlessly migrate to our platform.

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